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Case studies


Frontend Development, Legacy System Integration

Revolutionizing Social Media Management

Kontentino offers a comprehensive solution for managing social media content and workflows. Our challenge was to develop a frontend application that could handle complex content management tasks while ensuring a seamless user experience.

We implemented a modern frontend using React.js, focusing on performance, usability, and integration with existing backend services.


Web Development, API Integration, CMS System

Transforming the off-road vehicle marketplace

OffroadMarket required a robust digital platform to facilitate the trade of off-road vehicles in the EU. Our team developed a user-friendly website with a powerful API and an efficient CMS system to streamline their operations.

The platform is designed to handle high volumes of listings and transactions, providing an intuitive interface for users and administrators alike.


Digital Archiving, Custom API, Mobile App Development

Enhancing document storage and archiving with digital solutions

Arduz sought to elevate their digital document storage and archiving platform. Our collaboration focused on enhancing their system with a custom API, a mobile application for seamless document access, and AI-powered text recognition for efficient document management.

This transformation led to an intuitive, secure, and scalable platform, simplifying the archiving and retrieval process for their users.

Partnering with Digitaliko was a game-changer. Their unique approach and bespoke solutions have significantly enhanced our digital capabilities, exceeding our expectations.


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